Sunday, November 1, 2009


Not feeling much better. I did get laundry done, which I was planning on doing tomorrow, so that's good. So tomorrow's cleaning day. If I can move. I barely can right now, even with the pain meds. My legs still hurt, especially the right thigh (no more 4 mile walks for me, not without a break at least). Add in the gut and back, and a stiff neck from holding up what feels like is a very heavy head, and you have one chick that feels like she ran the marathon and got into a fight at the finish line! Oofah! One more day though, I go back Tuesday. So I HAVE to get back on my feet. Needless to say, no pictures today, not unless I really get my act together. I'm still working on the themes, anyways. I have all the pictures trimmed and cropped right, and on the PDA so I just got to get all the pieces together and detailed. I guess I COULD fetch the other copies out of the Recycle Bin, but that'd require me moving my arms off of the keyboard! So, instead I'm going to roll over, move the heating pad, and try to work on the themes a bit. I have a feeling tonight will be an early night. Don't worry about me though, I'll be ok soon. Worst case scenario, I feel like this tomorrow and take a couple more pain killers and a hot soak. I WILL be ok. I'm that stubborn!

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Fin said...

Feel better.