Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Quick Post

Hello friends. My posting might get spotty again. This time it's the PDA's fault. It's acting up big time. I'm not sure wtf is going on. I couldn't even get it working last night, but it's working now, just not right. The alignment is all fkd up. I'm so frustrated.
No cat pictures today, not right now at least. Got too much on my mind and way too dark inside and out. But here's a laugh. I kept putting the camera on the charger, thinking the cold was affecting the battery like it seems to be affecting my pda. Well..... IT HELPS IF THE CHARGER'S PLUGGED INTO THE OUTLET! D'oh! Geez, only me...
Happy Veterans Day my fellow Americans, and Remembrance Day for you Canadians. God bless all of our vets.
And a toast to the death of the DC sniper. It was time.


The Creek Cats said...

Happy Veteran's Day to you!

The Island Cats said...

Happy Veterans Day!