Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Well I had PLANNED to just put a quick post up to let everyone know I MIGHT come around to see everyone later, but I'm so plum exhausted I just wanna veg out and play a game a bit. Sorry... BUT... Literally as I was loading up the blogger screen for the post, I heard the unmistakable sound of the superball rolling on the floor. It's just a small one, just perfect for a kitty paw! Well, they rarely play with it, but every now and then (usually Jadzia) someone gets in the mood for it, finds it, and off it goes! Well, this time everyone got in on it! Jadzia was playing hockey, Curzon was the goalie obviously (I couldn't get one past that cat LOL), and Nimbus even started to get in on it! I was very impressed - and dying of laughter at all the buttwiggles and misses and startled looks at balls returning from whence they came! Ya gotta understand the tile floor is extremely uneven, might as well be a mini valley in there it seems! So there's no predicting where the ball will go! I was laughing hard as heck, and even fell from my knees to my butt a couple times laughing! So now that I'm exhausted AND sore from laughing, I might make my way back around later!

Edit: SOMETHING has gotten into these cats, there's a whole heck of a lot of chasing going on, and for once Nimbus is the chaser and not the chasee! Go Boo!!!!! There's no rest for me right now, I'm STILL crackin' up laughin'!


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