Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Trip Down Memory Lane

TSB really didn't feel like blogging today, and she's been in a really weird mood lately anyway, so we're letting her go back in time... back to a time when Nimbus was the midget, didn't know how to fight, and was a heck of a lot easier to throw around! Of course, as the alpha cat, I took charge of training him. Mom's nurture, and as step-in pops, I decided I better teach the boy how to fight like a mancat, not a wee little wimp like his sister! (HEY! I heard that!)
Wasn't he so little?
So as you can see I taught him every trick I know... Well, ALMOST every trick. He has the back paw to the throat mastered. And the throat biteys. And the bunnykicks. And the head thwaps.
We've always been buddies. It was just much easier when I was the bigger mancat!
He's always had my back.
But he loves his mama, that's for sure!!! She was always trying to bathe him, and when he wasn't trying to nurse, he was bathing her back!
This is the most classic picture ever taken - thank Mr. Cat for it. It just captures so much!
But like a good apprentice, he took everything he learned from me and showed his mama he wasn't a little baby anymore! He was still a way's away from beating her up like I do at that time, but he was well on his way!
Now he barely even fights.. what fun is that? All this about good cat stuff... BAH HUMBUG!!!!


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