Sunday, May 16, 2010

Naughty Balanced Out

This post actually started on the NKC blog... You should start there to get the story's beginning.
So, poor Boo, dejected and shunned, laid aside hoping TSB wouldn't forget him.
Unfortunately she didn't!
His brushing continued on and his purring got louder and louder. Honestly, though, the boy needs it. Much as I can't stand the runt sometimes, he IS my son, and believe it or not, I do love him. I just have to keep him on his toes, yanno!
He even went rushing to check on my bro when he went into a wee sneezin' fit.
"Nothing big, just him being typical. Probably got tickled by his own fur."
TSB always lets him (and sometimes us too) sniff the brush or the handle (Nimbus LOVES putting the bitey on the handle). Yes, sometimes he takes a nibble of the fur (and no that's not all his, that's all of ours). But, unlike my brother, the runt doesn't just take a big ol' chunk and run off to eat it MOL.
Finally content and looking mighty handsome if I must say so myself, the boy kicks back and enjoys a little camera time.
Naughty and Nice balanced out once again, thanks to TSB.

- Jadzia, Queen of the known universe

And one note before this post gets published... Huff darling, you are absolutely bootiful! You're welcome in my kingdom anytime! SNORKELPURRS! - Curzon

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