Monday, May 17, 2010

Not Mancat Monday

There will be no pictures of either of us mancats today. Nimbus is hiding, and I'm not letting TSB up! I have been on her lap over an hour and until she forces me to leave, I'm not leaving, and even then the moment she sits back down, I'm laying right back down on her lap. You see, earlier today we all gathered around her and put on the mega-purrs. Yes all 3 of us were purring at the same time, not in sync, but we were purring together. Well, wouldn't you know, she was giving sis and the boy more attention than she was me. Well, you know I can't have that. As alpha mancat, I must get the majority of attention from TSB, contrary to what Jadzia says. Besides, that ladycat hasn't left her spot right next to TSB anyway. I am determined to get my attention quota yet today! TSB is still having problems with our comment moderation program too. It seems we have totally lost our old comments, somewhere hidden underneath the Intense Debate system. She's not had much luck getting a response from them either. Unfortunately, she just got the blog margins where she wanted them too. So we might be putting the blog on hold for an hour or two until TSB can get it ironed out (which'll probably mean totally scrapping the template and such). We'll be sure to let you know when she gets around to that. It definitely won't be today though. Nope. I refuse to leave my spot, no matter how much she moves. I am staying right here! I might not sleep, but I will lay here all day if I must!


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