Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Post from TSB

Remember how the cats said I've been in a weird mood recently? Well, they're right.
I was giving Nimbus his poke just a few minutes ago (which, go figure he managed to make difficult) and I suddenly realized just how lucky of a cat he is. We've almost lost him so many times it seems. But through it all, he's come through. I don't know how he does it. Mr. Cat always said greycats are special... I believe it. He's had 2 close calls with the Bridge and yet he doesn't even seem like he's missed a beat. He's mellowed out a bit over the last few years, but all cats do. I remember when Curzon and Jadzia were hell on wheels it seemed! They still chase each other, but they don't do the kangaroo-style boxing anymore thankfully! Nimbus is the same way. Most of the time he just kinda jogs over to see something exciting. But given the right mood and the right reason, everyone better watch out because you've never seen such a big cat move so fast! He's been the best patient an unwitting nurse could've asked for, even when I bungle things. I can only hope he lives a long, long time, because if the future's determined by any amount by the past, he's still got a lot of surprises in store for me. He is truly as lucky to have survived what he's been through as much as Curzon is for having survived long enough to get rescued. I love my boys!!!
Yes, I love my Queenie too, and she knows it. But in all fairness, with the exception of when she got mauled so to speak (when she ended up preggo) and we couldn't get her to quit itching, she's had it easy. All her issues have been minor. She was healthier when she was gotcha'd than Curzon was, probably because he made sure she ate first. I saw it firsthand when I first reunited them. He made sure she ate first, and he'd sit behind and watch her. It's not like they didn't have room to eat together, they had plenty. They were so glued to each other especially that first week it was incredible. And to think... nevermind, not this-blog appropriate. So anyways, yes I love my Queenie. She's my pumpkin, sweetie-pie, cuddlebug, bundlecat. But she's also the most spoiled rotten cat in the world!

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