Saturday, May 1, 2010


Well folks, TSB knew our blogroll was a wee screwy and sure enough it is! So what we're going to do is this:
We're going to add the new blogs etc... some of you we've already been following, some we filed away until this point.
We're going to have TSB move some of her blogroll over to her blog, mainly the politics. Don't fear, she's still reading. This doesn't apply to some of you like Walter, Soul, Cheryl. Everybean should go visit them. This is mainly for the heavier stuff (like bean politics etc.)...
We realized that a couple we've been following (including one of Kahless' blogs) somehow vanished so we'll readd ya.
And then we're going to try to figure out how to shorten this thing up or make it a drop-down menu without having to redo everything! Any suggestions there would be most helpful.
One other thing. We've been contemplating going back to 4 columns, but with as long as the blogroll is, it's kinda hard to do. If we could split it into two columns without having to bugger it all up, we would! But right now there's several things not wanting to cooperate so we're going to try to work on that too. Meanwhile, as always, if Intense Database isn't up, drop the bean an email in case she didn't know it, instead of leaving a comment on Blogger's setup.
Oh and by the way... the rugrat's numbers are doing better, so we're giving him more grief. MOL! It's time us naughty kitties take back over this blog!

- The Twins

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