Thursday, May 6, 2010

Things and Close-ups

First of all, as for the poor baby coon... either mama found him (doubtful) or nature did what nature does best. Things run differently in the wild, even when the wild is right outside your doorstep. Trust me I wanted to take him in, but it's illegal in this state and even if it wasn't, I am in no way prepared or capable of doing such a thing. I couldn't even do it with a kitten right now. I'm not home nearly enough. At least with a kitten though, I could've gotten it to a vet and they would've been able to. I have come to terms with the fact that I did what I could to give him the best chance I could. I'll never forget his adorable little face - nor will I probably ever get his cries out of my head. But as cruel as it is, nature's whole cycle is based off of one's death being another's survival.
As for the compliment on Jadzia, thank you! She is very bootiful indeed, though I can't take much credit for that. She does love to be brushed, but I don't do it nearly enough. She's pretty good though, except when she thinks she can barf up a hairball in bed! Naughty kitty! But she can't help that either. She grooms herself meticulously and it shows. She has some of the softest fur I've ever felt on any animal, even a cat. Thank goodness too, because like I said I sure as heck don't ever want to have to bathe her ever again! Heavens no!!!!!
I know we missed Wordless Wednesday but I think everyone can understand why. I got distracted to say the least. but never fear, there were pictures taken!
Chicken Leg!!!!!!!! Poor Curzon, caught in such a compromising condition...
Mr. Handsome
Look at that face! Who wouldn't wanna pamper that cat!
I do think he's a wee tired of the flashy box by now though.
Mister Serious. Not sometimes, but ALWAYS. Being a good cat is seriously hard!

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