Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Heartbroken and Helpless

I've done everything I can, which isn't much. But I'm at a roadblock and no one is willing to help a poor helpless creature out.
You see, on the way home I found a little boy raccoon, still totally dependent on mom, eyes still sealed shut, on the side of the sidewalk, still alive but hot and thirsty. I came home and got my dropper and got back to him and gave him some water, which perked him up. Now I know coons are dangerous, but this guy is way too tiny to hurt anyone. He's not rabid, just needs his momma. I called the gaming commission and according to them they are unrehabilitatable  and no one is allowed to even touch them in this cruel state. So now I'm left with the fact that there's a baby out there that just needs a little support for a few weeks until it can survive on its own but no one can or will take him in. It breaks my heart, but nature must and always does take care of itself. My only hope is that his trip to the Bridge isn't a long or painful one.
But hey, on the lighter side of things, my boy finally showed a good cat ain't a wimpy cat! Nimbus went up to say hi to Curzon who promptly decided to slow-mo whap him... Well Nimbus took him DOWN! Right down to the floor, on his back, bitey on the neck! Curry squirmed out and walked off. Atta boy! Even a good cat has to stand up for himself when he gets bullied!
I am off for now to get your comments from the afternoon sent off and catch up with everyone. Hope everyone's having a great day.


Edit: This guy I saw online's only a week old, so I think the poor guy I saw is only days past that. He doesn't have all his markings yet, but I tell you, he's got a cry loud enough to break anyone's heart. I fear he must've lost his mom, because coons don't tend to abandon their little ones on their own. Considering he was out on the sidewalk, I fear the mom must've had him up in a tree and something happened to her and in his whining he fell down but not far enough to hurt him badly. He can semi-crawl... but what can I do? Absolutely nothing!

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