Sunday, May 2, 2010


Ok TSB has updated the linkie list on her blog (which she had to find the ONE line of code on this blog and copy it over there because she didn't have a blog list option on that blog) and put the blogs she was moving as well as the non-cat blogs on that roll. Now as she said she's still leaving some of the blogs on our roll, because we like Walter, Cheryl, and Soul too, among others. So only the politics-geared ones got deleted and moved over there. She's still following though, trust us. So now it's to adding the new blogs to our roll. We'll do a separate blog listing those we've added. But needless to say we're adding NKC and the CB. Those links go on automatically.
We also want to personally thank Brian and everybuddy over at the CB for pulling behind Herman. What a fight that kitty's fought... We are hoping for the very best, but with a FIV compromised immune system, we know how difficult that can be. But you can do it, Herman, we believe in you!!!!!

The Clan (all 4 of us, TSB included)

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