Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Pumpkin gave us this award and we feel furry honored! It's been a week or so but with our PC issues we think everyone understands. But how are we going to come up with 15 things? Geez... Well, here we go!

  1. Curzon is a barfmonster. He barfs up more hairballs than Jaz & Nim COMBINED.
  2. Jadzia doesn't like being snuggled. She likes being held sometimes, but not snuggled.
  3. Nimbus shuns most human affections - unless he's hungry. Then he's up in your face!
  4. Jadzia cannot be bathed without one human - or more - being injured.
  5. Nimbus and Curzon cannot be bathed unless TSB gets in with them, and even then, it's a workout!
  6. Jadzia has a very sensitive tummy, but luckily she doesn't eat everything like Curzon does.
  7. TSB's belly is more sensitive than the twins' bellies combined.
  8. Curzon's latest weigh-in was Nimbus' exact weight at his first emergency 4 years ago. 16.4lb.
  9. Like most Coons, the boys didn't quit growing until age 5. Nimbus didn't finish until this last year.
  10. Twins' collars are interchangeable. Neither collar fits on Nimbus without choking him.
  11. Curzon is a thousand times less norty than Jaz, unless you include fuzz-eating. Then they're even.
  12. We stole the blog from TSB going on a year ago, if not more, but an exact date is hard to say.
  13. TSB refuses to FB. She had to be talked into letting us tweet as it is! She says FB is gonna fade out.
  14. Mr. Cat is one of the blog lurkers on occasion. He just doesn't comment since he can real-time MOL.
  15. Curzon and Nimbus are still on the market looking for available ladycats, we all know Jaz ain't MOL.
Well there you go. We have no idea who has gotten this and who hasn't, so we are just going to let ya'll tell us if you have taken it and linkie us when you do take it! Rumbles, darling, u better let Inigo participate!

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