Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Some things...

Howdy folks, just want to let everyone know we're still alive. Since we've not been posting much lately, instead of spreading our LOL's out through the week, we want to give you LOL overload! But before we do that, we want to ask here too, anyone who has more experience with Twitter AND Blogger, can you link us to a good widget place to get a Twitter Followers widget from for our blog? Ours seems to be dead and TSB only found two real places to get them - widgetbox doesn't work for us and zhune or wtf ever it's called is the one that died. Thanks tons in advance!

funny pictures-TribbleKat is on yer ship Keepin Klingons away
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Biggify and make grey and Nimbus could be this little kitten sometimes!

funny pictures-The outrages I have suffered here today will not be soon forgotton
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This could very well be Curzon in his younger days. He always seemed to look totally hilarious when he got wet as a kitten. Jadzia on the other hand just seemed to look like she shrank because she was such a floofball kitten!

funny pictures-See? Our paws iz all cleen, Mamma!
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This could so be the boys! And yes, both have had their paws on the table before, but not at the same time and not at the same seat. Their two fat butts prolly couldn't share a seat anymore! MOL I know, I'm so mean.

funny pictures of cats with captions
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This is just for TSB since she used to raise hamsters MOL. She still misses the little furry rodents. We say nom noms get in our belleh's! MOL

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