Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Well I have good news and I have bad news. I have SOME of my bookmarks, but not all. Firefox doesn't seem to have a folder reserved for favorites so that you can just copy/paste it. GARGH. Sooooo... some of you I have some I don't. Now of course the easy thing to do is to go through my Google Reader and save all of you again, and I'm going to do that. But I also had a bunch of blogs set to add in but never got to. So what I guess I'm saying is, I'm back to square one. I'm going to re-add every one of you, which means I'm going to leave a comment on your blog letting you know I have you back. So if you don't get that message, let me know. And those of you who I also know on Twitter, if you have a blog and don't get the message, it's because I didn't know you here first and didn't get it. So drop me your bloggie addy in a comment and I'll add you in, ok? Thanks for all your help guys. I just hope that this works. I haven't rebooted my computer yet (nervous to see if it starts it's cycle boots again), so this might all go to crap. We'll see. *sigh*

PS if you and your household have more than one blog (like Wendy-Dante do), can you please tell us which ones belong to you, so we can group them all together? Some of us are organization freaks and it'd really help us out (*cough* TSB *cough*). MOL thanks!

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