Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Ya'll should thank Mr. Cat, he's really a genious (though he'll never admit to it). I spent last night and this morning trying to get my wireless working, to no luck. After a wee troubleshooting, he showed me a backdoor way to get past the wizard and just get the drivers on my computer. MR. CAT I LOVE YOU! He's such a genious. So now I'm off to get off IE (gag) and get a couple things installed (especially firefox), and try to rescue my old firefox settings. I'm getting there folks!
Oh and Brian, as per our conversation, hopefully by tomorrow. I'll definitely let you know though.
Oh and those of you on twitter, guess what? There's another black Coon that looks a LOT like Curzon - but bigger! He's @ShadowWhiskee (I think, just look at my tweets and you'll find him). Please stop by and say hi to our new twitfuriend! We love him already!
And kudos to Jack for doing so much better. If things work out right, I'll be officially following you soon. We love you (as I think you know quite well by now MOL). Thanks for keeping us updated even when we couldn't check in on the blog.
And kudos to @Petiethecat too for showing that even senior cats have the strength and determination that rivals the young kits. You are so much a fighter that it's so heartwarming. If you can do it, we know Nimbus can too!
TSB and the Clan

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