Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Pic...

Remember last year (those of you who have been around that long) when I took Nimbus to a different vet (at Petsmart) trying to save money but not being successful? Well I took this pic with my cellphone from there. Nimbus wasn't going to come out of the carrier, no matter what I tried. So I beat him at his own game - so I thought. I took the top of the carrier off and he STILL stayed put. I think he was trying to tell me that this was all a waste of time. But the antibiotics they gave us did work, so it wasn't a complete waste, but they also didn't tell us about the horrific side effects either!

Yes, folks, he's really that big, and he's even bigger now! That shows just how humongous that head is too! Don't ask me how I'm able to carry him around, because I don't know other than the fact that I'm used to it.


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