Monday, September 6, 2010

Updates and Stuff

Hello furiends. Sorry we haven't written in a while, but this week was a very rough week for TSB. Not only was she crazy busy at work (making her all but useless at hom MOL) and worrying about Nimbus like she always does, she found out one day as she was about to finish hunting that a friend of hers died last week in a car accident. So the end of this week has been quite rough on her. We haven't been much company because of it, even on twitter.
We've had a lot of RB trips lately, both here and in the twitterverse. It's been a sad, sad month or so, but we all know that sometimes it's all for the best, even if it doesn't feel like it for those of us left behind. But we all know the cats over there are enjoying the endless fields of nip and all the things that go with it (mice, birds, bugs, etc). So there's plenty to be happy for them about too.
As for our recent issues:
The issue with the litter seems to be solved. TSB found this stuff at Petsmart that is a mix of woods and clays, so it's been a good transition. It's much more absorbant than the wheat litter too, which TSB calls a thorough waste of money, she was so unhappy with it's clumping and absorbing (in)abilities. She also finally figured out that I love finding the bottom of the cat box too, just in time too! I also love the bigger box that she got when this all started. So yes, I'm happy. I have been protesting less, and that makes TSB happy too. I've NOT been growled at this little in months! Well, by the humans, at least. This brofur and son of mine, well...
Nimbus' numbers are all over the place. Sometimes he's low, sometimes he's scary high, sometimes he's right at normal. He's back up to 7 units of insulin, and then TSB discovered yesterday that the insulin price went up another $30 last month! Geez, this is getting outrageous. She's starting to really ponder going back to the Vetsulin, as the Lantus is getting so expensive. She can't seem to find any discounts for it either. It's scary too if you think about it, those humans on insulin shots on tight budgets. How many are dying because they can't afford it?
Curzon is back to cuddling a bit more with TSB, so that is improving too. TSB is always happy when she has one of us twins to snuggle with, even though we don't really like to be held. But we do, because we're used to it - and because Nimbus refuses! She keeps on saying how she'd just love to have Nimbus fall asleep in her arms just once, but he'd probably cut off circulation in her arms because he's just so heavy! She fell asleep holding Curzon a couple nights ago though (shh he fell asleep too MOL), and the three of us took a little nap earlier today.
We want to thank all our twitter furiends for being so sweet this last week, you guys are the best! We can't thank you enough!
We have a new pic we're going to show you soon, hopefully today or tomorrow. Now it's not a recent pic, but it's an adorable pic from last year! So especially to Nimbus' fan club (*cough* *gag*), stay tuned because it's just got all sorts of squee's and aw's written all over it. TSB's been squeeing over it ever since it was taken last year! We'll explain later when we can actually get to posting it.
Be well furiends!

Queen Jadzia
(*smoochies for my Rumbles*)

Peesss: would someone please find my brofur a ladycat of his own? Maybe that would distract him from his constant harassment of ME! I don't want to have to put down the whole weight of my throne on his rear but I will if I have to!

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