Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Breaking News!

Nimbus, aka "Mr. Good Cat" has apparently had enough with his mother's shenanigans.
We have a man-made walkway into the apartment, as the entrance has an outside wall on one side and the loveseat on the other, making an artificial hallway. Normally this is where you'll find Jadzia snoozing or playing with her nipsock. She really tries to stay out of the way, and while it seems like a dangerous spot, if she even hears the doorknob move she's gone faster than any human can see her if she's that spooked. And just trust me, TSB has NEVER caught Jadzia when Jadzia was in control of the situation. (This doesn't include escape situations when we were younger and TSB got the upper hand.)
Well, I think she must've been lounging over there when Nimbus walked up to her. Now remember, Jadzia is HUGE on having her own personal space, and a HUGE space at that most of the time. Jadzia gave her requisite hiss and Nimbus didn't back down. So she gave more, and he still didn't back down! She even took a few swings at him (from her back - not a sign of submission, but freeing up her deadliest weapons - her back paws) and instead of Nimbus backing off, HE LAID DOWN 3 INCHES AWAY FROM HER HEAD! The boy has balls, you got to give him that! But when Jadzia decided she had enough, she slowly rolled onto her paws and slinked off, and, being the Good Cat he is, Nimbus did not pursue or even take a free swat at his retreating Mom!
Yes, Inigo would be proud. Nimbus showed how a Good Cat stands up for himself without turning norty!



Brian Frum said...

Yes Nimbus, Inigo would be very proud of you...I am too!

Amy & The House of Cats said...

Oh Nimbus you are such a good boy not to chase after her when she left. Maybe if you keep doing that she will start to stay by you for more then a few whaps!!

Lynx217 said...

That's a nice thought but the only way that'll happen is if Nimbus sneaks up
on her when she's sleeping. Very hard to do. MOL

A few Good Cats said...

It sounds as though Nimbus is not afraid to do what he believes to be right.An admirable trait for any creature!