Friday, November 26, 2010

Catching up with the Coons

With the economy as tight as it is (and someone being so greedy *cough*), TSB and Mr. Cat decided that they were going to do Turkey Day on the cheap. Well they scored big early - a nearly 20lb bird for just over $7 - a near-steal! So all that was left were biscuits, some extra butter, stuffing, and veggies! TSB doesn't mind instant potatoes because she knows how to flavor them up. Unfortunately, this time she added a bit TOO much garlic salt. Whoops! But, all in all it was an awesome dinner, and yes, we got some, even Mr. GreedyCat (aka Nimbus). We made our pieces disappear quite quickly and proceeded to beg for more (the sad kitty face and the I love you eyes used to work so well, dangit). Sisfur even ate out of TSB's hands, which is rare unless it's kibble. Mr. Cat did a pawsome job with the turkey, after all, just look at it! And yes it was as juicy as it looks!
Yes, that bird was stuffed to the kilt with nearly 3 boxes of stuffing (the leftovers weren't even a saucer full, barely an after-work snack for TSB). Pretty dang good for a store-brand dirt-cheap bird!
Speaking of Mr. Cat (and heaping kudos on him), look at this pawsome pic he took of us!

He is such a pawsome photographer, isn't he? TSB had left briefly to go get some food, and Mr. Cat took this pic just before she got home. Us mancats hadn't moved MOL. Of course, I'm guarding MY new nip sock (though some would beg to differ, dang sisfur hehe). It's so furry rare that we all lay this close together, much less long enough for the hoomins to get proof of said closeness! TSB says that the runt looks like he could be my grey twin. I beg to differ, as he's much grumpier-looking and not nearly naughty enough to be that closely related to me! I'm still trying to figure out how Queen B**** produced such a good boy (it's not like his daddy was a good cat, he IS half trailer park tom cat after all).
Look at this pawsome pic that Mr. Cat snapped a week or so ago!
You gotta understand Mr. Cat has BIG hands. Those hands can snatch any one of us up without hesitation and we aren't getting away. So for that bell pepper to fill up his hand like that, you know it was big!
As a comparison of sorts, compare to in TSB's little tiny hands (that can still snatch us up and is nearly impossible to get out of MOL).
Now, how did they come across such a gigantic bell pepper? Well, TSB decided that stuffed peppers sounded good and that they needed a change. So she went shopping for the ingrediments and of course ya can't have stuffed peppers without the peppers! MOL and she found this one hiding (albeit barely) back near the back. Of course, she said it had Mr. Cat's name written all over it (where?) and had to get it. And yes, it was delish - and no we didn't get to taste it!

And then TSB says she THINKS she snapped these pics but can't remember, and we're not telling, cause frankly, even though we get tired of the pawpawrazzi, any excuse to get more pics of us for the blog, right now the better. This isn't an rare sight, although it is kind of uncommon. Usually I have to sneak up on sisfur when she's asleep or she'll hiss at me, if not even worse and pawslap me!
Well we hope you enjoyed this episode of Catching up with the Coons and hope you'll join us next time for more! Hopefully it won't be so long between episodes!



mariodacat said...

Wow - looks like there will be some good eadint at your house. Yum!

Lynx217 said...

Oh yes indeed. Hopefully we get more too!

Pumpkin said...

That turkey looks good enough to eat! I had turkey yesterday, too, for the first time. It's the most pawsomest thing I've ever tasted. Happy Thanksgiving my furriends. And smoochies to Nimbus.

Brian Frum said...

I am so happy you had some yummy turkey! That big green pepper is something!!!

Thecreekcats said...

Wow, that green pepper is scary big!!!

Amy & The House of Cats said...

Hi Kitties! We have missed seeing you all so much since mom's work computer got all stupid! We think that picture of all three of you together is great! And mom was so impressed with the turkey deal - ours was way more! It sounds like you had a pretty awesome Thanksgiving though - and we are glad that you kitties got to enjoy some of it too!