Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mancat Tuesday MOL

TSB is definitely not up to snuff, but we forgive her. The weather has been so crazy outside she doesn't know what season it is. Just a few short days ago it felt like late summer now it's like early winter! Even sisfur has been crawling under the blankets to stay warm. I just need to be NEAR one of the hoomins - preferably on one of their blankets - and I'm fine. Nimbus, on the other hand, is incapable of being cold it seems (except for the ears and paws) MOL!
So here's a few pics of us from recently, probably a week or so ago.
TSB: Some days they look so alike it's uncanny. I know, it's because Curzon and Jadzia are twins, but there's a trailer park tomcat daddy part of Nimbus that, except for the color of his fur and the seriousness in the eyes, is non-existent in him! If you go to the angel cats page, you'll see a picture of Shadow, who we believe was Nimbus' older half-sister, and you'll see the EXACT same look in the eyes. Jadzia has it to a point, but not like the boy.
They are truly my boys, my Count Chocula and Prince BooBoo (and not because he was a booboo either).
Oh and Inigo, my darling little charmer, there's something in the air. Nimbus had a slight case of naughty Sunday night, and while for the twins it'd be par for the course, for Nimbus, it was either incredibly daring or he's feelin' something changing. So grab onto it, Inigo, cause I think it's the healing bug! It has kept an eye on Nimbus, paid a visit to Jack, and now it's focusing on you. So grab it, nom it, and take it in, and GET WELL SOON!
@ChloeToby it's on it's way to you and your brofur too. Remember it will be okay and tell the hoomin not to worry so much. Just stick with the Atlenolol and the asprin (though I'm not even all for the asprin part) and wait it out. It can take upwards of a year or more to see improvement, so take no change as a good thing. Be patient, the hearts didn't flutter overnight and they're not going to recover overnight either. But it WILL be okay. And remember, I'm never more than an email away (unless I'm at work then it'll be a few hours), ok? *hoomin hugs*

Curzon: Alright, weird hoomin, shush already. It's MANCAT day not HOOMIN day. Sheesh. But in all seriousness, we agree wif the hoomin on this one. Inigo, Jack, @ChloeToby (and brofur), @Petiethecat and all you other furiends that are under the weather, get yourselves up, stretch out, enjoy the smells, indulge in some nip, but most importantly - GET WELL SOON! We miss you! Even you, you charming Rumbles. Take care of your brofur, k?


Brian Frum said...

Yep, getting to be snuggle season fur sure! Purrs to TSB!

Mario said...

It is already snuggle season here. We've been cuddling a lot too - me and the oomans.