Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Thanksgiving Message

Howdy furiends. We know it's been so furry long since our last post and we do apologize. TSB has been busy hunting more than normal (not that she's working more, just working harder) so she has been too busy to do much more than check email and send a few tweets out. Heck half the time she's tweeting from her little PDA (well comparatively to modern ones it's a dinosaur but it's the smallest one she's ever had MOL). But thanks to Mr. Cat, we soon will have a new pic of us up! We can't wait!
We are doing well. Jadzia's itchies are almost gone again - it's those darn fleas that keep making her break out - and it always seems like one survives every attempt. It doesn't take but one to get her going either, she's that sensitive. TSB hasn't seen a flea or been bitten by one since Jaz last went to the vet over a year ago, and that one only got discovered because the vet shaved her neck so her owies could be exposed and treated.
Nimbus' numbers are fairly steady. He hasn't hit 150 in a long time, and TSB is trying to cut back his insulin without him coming up. He's been having a blast with the new nip sock too - and thankfully TSB hasn't thrown away the "old" one - which is mine! She says she isn't going to be refilling it though, something about a hole. I haven't found said hole yet, and until I do and get all the nip out of it, I'm not letting her have it! TSB is just furry happy that Nimbus has been having fun too.
I'm doing fine, as always. Being the alpha mancat, it's my JOB to stay healthy so I can take care of everyone else. TSB has asked me when I'm going to start looking for a ladycat for myself (since apparently Nimbus is pursuing a wee little kitten on Twitter - ok she's not a wee kitten, but she's not even a year old)! I keep telling her I don't have time for such things, that she is my top priority, and if Jadzia and Nimbus want to find themselves significant others, well that's fine with me. But it'll always be my job first and foremost to take care of my family, because they are, after all, MY family! Frankly though, I don't see anyone taking that serious an interest in Nimbus, he's way too serious and "good" for any proper ladycat! We'll see though. I've been surprised before. Heck, I had no idea there'd be so many suitors for my grumpy ol ladycat sister! MOL
We also want to thank everyone for all their support and especially @hemmingwayscat for making it all possible. Nimbus would like to know if someone would be willing to come give him the day off so he can take care of some "business" he says he has. Behhh.
Be well furiends, and remember, we love every last one of you, and on this Thanksgiving, we are counting our blessings to have met every last one of you. Sniffie and Inigo, we'll be purring extra hard for you this year, hope you get them up there!


PS: My "business" is unfinished business with Curzon. He's been so furry mean to both me and my mom that I need to take a day off from being the good police cat and, well... show him he's not the only tough cat around here! I will surely need the rest of the day to recover though, and so I need a sekurity guard to fill in for me! Fanks! - Nimbus

PSS: Never mind the runt. While I appreciate the thought, I can fend for myself just fine. I will get brofur - when he least expects it! I already have it planned! Mwahaha! - Jadzia


soul said...

hope you had a turkey-ific t-day!!!

Lynx217 said...

Thank you friend. You have always been so kind, even when the cats took over
the blog!


mariodacat said...

We're happy you are back too. Missed you,. But there was a period of almost a month where M didn't have time to help me with blog or blog reading. We were lucky to get on Twitter now and den. Will be interested in your new background when you decide what it's going to be.

Lynx217 said...

Not a new background just a new pic - but now that you mention it... It DOES need updating!

Brian Frum said...

Hey everyone, I sure hope you have a very nice Thanksgiving holiday!

Lynx217 said...

Mr. Cat will be cooking while TSB works, as usual. The money is mighty hard
to pass up especially considering she works early anyway.

Cats of wildcat woods said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you from all of us!

Fin said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!

Lynx217 said...

And to you too! It's been rough but we're still here!