Sunday, December 12, 2010


PDA wifi is DEAD. Curzon knocked PDA down on tile floor, wifi card first. Seems he killed the card, though thankfully not the PDA or the card reader slot. Just a $20-40 card! Never mind this one is my THIRD. UGH. If anyone sees a Dell axim x3 with built-in wifi DIRT CHEAP let me know. Or a dirt-cheap SD wifi card. Thanks! So, needless to say, wif TSB's busy schedule and dependence on the PDA for innernets, it just got a LOT harder for us to keep up wif everyone!


mariodacat said...

Man, you sure do have problems with tehnology. Sorry bout dat. It's stinks when technology dosen't work.

Brian Frum said...

We'll be purring for a PDA deal to come though!