Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A few things...

Well, Nimbus is improving slightly - no thanks to himself! I had just finished some veal parm last night and had started drifting off. Next thing I know I hear *lick lick* and instinctively snapped up ready to shoo Curzon away. But it wasn't fat boy! It was my little angel boy! OMC! Now I know, most of you would count that as a good boy gone naughty, but consider this: it's his favorite people food and he hasn't had even one lick since he got sick over two years ago. I think he deserved a taste. I'd just rather it had been when he was under control. But regardless, I'll let this momentary lapse go. His antibiotics came today, and considering it's a liquid this time (which I had to mix up myself - fun fun... NOT), he took his first dose like a champ! He IS my gigantic good boy. He's serving Inigo's memory well.
Mancats, the challenge is still up for Queen Jadzia's heart! Rumbles, Tutti, and Flufanella... please email me your best submissions soon! The sooner we get them in the sooner the Queen can pick this challenge's winner! Email your submissions to usthreecoons@gmail.com as soon as possible!
Thank you everyone for your purrs for TSB, they worked! And the twitter pawcircle for Annie worked too! We are so happy that she turned the corner for the better!
We will keep everyone posted as it's needed.

By the way this pic was taken YEARS ago before we moved out of Cincinnati and deep down, we STILL haven't forgiven TSB for shoving us into that cat carrier together. There wasn't even enough room for us to show our dissatisfaction! Don't worry though, she didn't keep us in there for TOO long.

Curzon (for the Clan)


mariodacat said...

purrs alwys work, so we're sending more for extra good measure. purr purr purr purr purr

d'ArtagnanRumblepurr said...

That cage hardly looks big enough for ONE maine coon!!

Brianfrum said...

Things are pretty normal sounding at your place??? That is a great thing!