Monday, January 24, 2011

Stuff and Fanks!

So here we are again, in nearly an identical situation to the one not a month or two ago when Curzon killed the wifi on the last PDA. There are a COUPLE big differences though. First of all, Fat Boy and the PDA weren't allowed up on the toilet lid together. I had too much other crap up there. Secondly (and more importantly) he can't GET to the wifi card this time (let's see how long it takes him to start trying to eat this one like he's tried to the other Dell). But also, I snatched the poor PDA up before he could even THINK about making a move for it. Sometimes I swear it seems he INTENTIONALLY kills - or tries to kill - my electronics! He hid the stylus for the older Dell last night, making me hunt down one of my old Toshiba ones to use until the new Dell's stylus comes in the mail (of course it can't use the same stylus as all the other Dell PDA's). But I got to say that I really do love this new PDA and considering it once sold for like $500 I think I got it for a bargain. It's upgrade-able to WM5 and 6 though I don't think I'll be tinkering around anytime soon with the ROM (as there's no real way to go back). It's WAY faster on the innernets and I THINK I just MIGHT be able to start leaving blog comments on here though I haven't tried it.
OOOOooo I am so happy today, but not just because of the PDA or anything like that. Not only did the Jets lose (wish it hadn't taken the Steelers to do it but glad it is done), but MY PACKERS WON!!!! I wish it'd been my Bengals but OMC it feels sooo good on so many levels to see Aaron Rodgers do so well and to see a team that has struggled so much reach the final big game! Mr. Cat doesn't want me to burn my old #4 jersey though. Either way it is at LEAST getting buried far, far, far down, if I can't burn it! Now if someone wants it, I might be willing to give it away, but I got to warn you, it's midget sized MOL! I just will not hold onto it one day after the Packers win. It's time for Favre to become a distant memory that lost all its pain a long time ago, and a Super Bowl win will surely aid in that effort.


We want to send a shout-out and purrs to the following tweeps:
@Shadowwhiskee whom we haven't seen in so furry long
@athenaspazycat whom has been away for some time too because of her mom (hope she's getting better!)
...and all the rest of our furiends. You guys and gals have been so pawsome over the last couple months, we can't possibly thank you enough. TSB is feeling so much better, almost back to normal!
Hope everyone up north here wif us is staying warm today because it is FRIGID BITTER cold outside!
So that is all for now until we figure out how to send pics to the blog from the PDA!

- Nimbus (for the Clan)


Lynx217 said...

Had nothing to do wif u mancats. They know y they were mentioned.

Flufanella said...

And why am i not on the above mention list...Mmmm