Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Wow furiends, thank you so much for your warm words yesterday and today as I deal with the anniversary of Mom's death. I took a short day as planned and came home and promptly fell asleep. I guess you could say I needed the nap! It felt so good to be able to just rest, and hopefully it was early enough to not affect my sleep tonight. I had no idea so many of you were still reading and just not leaving comments - thank you! I know I haven't been up to my job lately but it's been so wacky here lately it's not even funny. Heck with the PC crash last year and the reformat and now the TWO jobs and the wifi-less PDA, taking pictures - much less posting them - just hasn't been in the cards. I apologize, but the best pics just aren't catch-able, as, if I reached for the camera, the moment was gone! But we're all sacked out here in the living room right now, enjoying some quiet time. I turned off the TV, so it's just the sound of the keyboard and Jadzia giving herself a bath. Nimbus is getting those big ginormous paws ready for a snooze but he's much quieter - he doesn't want to wake Curzon up who is just close enough to get up and smack him if needed. So yes, within 7 feet there's 3 cats and everyone's happy... this is one of those rare moments as usually Jadzia demands the entire loveseat all to herself!
So how 'bout them Packers huh? I don't wanna say too much for fear I might jinx them but wow. I had no idea they were going to do this well this year. *sigh* Too bad it's not my Bengals. But I'll take my Packers any day! Pitt kinda surprised me this year too. I was kinda expecting them to struggle more, but one can't always get everything they want! The Jets are making me sick though, I hate the team, the coach is an annoying jack***... well you get my drift. So I guess I HAVE to root for the Steelers this time. Ooooo to see a Packers-Steelers super bowl... It'll be almost as good as seeing the Bengals in! Time to bury that Brett Favre shadow in some turf! Bwahahahaha. Speaking of Favre, supposedly he's filed his retirement paperwork with the NFL - good riddance but, as Mr. Cat said last night, I'll believe it when I see it. Go away for a few years and give us a chance to bury the disgraceful past you've made us live with for the last few years, Mr. Favre. Some of us though will never forgive you for your treasonous jump from GB to MN. Treason, I tell you!
Ok back to where I was...
So a couple years ago I bought Mr. Cat this pawsome wireless KB and mouse set, because his laptop KB, well, sucks! But it's been so cold outside - and inside - lately I decided to "borrow" it so I don't have to leave the warmth of the couch! Now don't worry, I've done this before, and frankly I think Mr. Cat expects it. I did hafta clear off the desk a little bit though so I could move the monitor up so I could see it better! But it is so much more comfy from here - and warm - it's a suitable short-term solution until my new PDA arrives this weekend (hopefully). I really must be furry careful with it though, as Curzon has taken a liking to nomming my PDA! Someday I'll have to tinker around and see if I can get a picture of just how many bite marks he's put into my x3 PDA. I refuse to let him nom up my x50 like he has this one... and the others! Now granted, they're not ALL his but like 90% are! Jadzia usually just scentmarks it. Nimbus is rarely up in bed to do it, unless he's out of food, and even then he's more focused on waking me up and annoying me until I get up to care much about any electronic device on the bed. Yes, yes I know they tell you no electronic devices in the bedroom. But I'm not normal. I can stare up at the ceiling all night and not fall asleep if I'm not tired. 30 minutes on the PDA can go a LONG way to getting my eyes tired, because of how my eyes are all screwed up. And if my eyes are tired, my brain's not far behind. I've been known to fall asleep in the middle of a sudoku game before, not because I was stuck, but because I made the mistake of shutting my eyes for a second and that second turns into 6 hours MOL.
So anyways, back to the cats again!
Jadzia's still a bit itchy, and I think it's time to try the Zyrtec, though I have NO IDEA how I'm going to dice up such a small pill 4x to get a good cat dose. Then again I did it years ago with Nimbus' heart pills, so I guess it can be done. I'll cross that bridge later. And don't worry folks, it's not a home-remedy. It's actually vet-approved. It's not one of my crazy ideas, it's as good if not better than Prednisone at relieving allergies without the whole steroid thing, which isn't good for cats. So I'm going to give it a try and see what happens there. Nimbus' numbers are steady but he's up a unit on his shots, so sometime this week I got to get in contact with the vet and get a strategy up for this. Curzon is, of course, my little healthy cat, albeit not very little. I think he needs to lose a wee bit of weight, but every time he does, Mr. Cat worries he is getting TOO light. But I totally understand because at one time Curzon was as big as Nimbus IS now. I remember a time very well when Curzon was pushing 20lb. But I've had them on weight-control food for a long time, whether it be the prescription Purina or the OTC Indoor Formula which, trust me, shed a couple pounds off that fat boy QUICK when it first came out. That's why, even though I'm not feeding the twins Nimbus' food anymore (though once in a while they'll still help themselves to it), they're still on the IF food. That way, Mr. and Mrs. Chubby don't turn into fatsos like the grey monster! I know, I know, that's not nice of me. But Nimbus is really that big. If I pick him up and hold him by his shoulders, he literally is nearly as wide and long as my entire torso! Now granted, I'm only a 5'4" scrawny hoomin, so that's not THAT hard, but we ARE talking hoomin vs. cat here!
So anyway, I hope ya'll had a good time listening to me ramble, and if you're not one of our FB furiends, switch tabs and follow da linkie to join us on FB! We are sharing stuff over there that we normally would here like music videos n other cool stuff so that this joint is more da cats' style. And keep your eyes out for another blog change coming soon!


mariodacat said...

Now you has us all in suspense. A blog change.......................

Brian Frum said...

That was a purrty good ramble! Hmmmmm, a blog change huh?!?!