Sunday, January 2, 2011

Some Stuff

We didn't delete all our followers; we merely moved it all to a page for itself. It is just very taxing on Blogger's system and is slowing up other more important things from loading - like the comment moderation! So we took all the html code for our Blogger followers and Twitter Followers widgets and moved them to their own page as well as the links to follow us on Twitter and *cough* FB.
TSB is still frustrated wif FB, they can't make anything easy! Then again, anymore Blogger doesn't either!
We should be back wireless by the end of this week, hopefully. The rest of the parts are due in this week (gargh don't even start TSB on that, she kinda frustrated, but at least she got the issue resolved).
Nimbus is doing ok, though TSB still worried about him, especially because he had a momentary lapse in his goodness, slapping TSB on the jaw bone at the ear like Curzon does on occasion! He felt so bad though afterward, you shoulda seen his face! TSB understood though, as it wasn't really his fault, because it was TSB trying to snuggle and he just didn't want none of it!
Weather has warmed up and most of the snow is gone, though we really don't consider 40s warm. But it could be worse, and we know it. We just hope we don't get more snow and TSB doesn't get any crazy ideas if we do! MOL!
We will definitely keep everyone posted once we know what's going on...
Meanwhile, check out some furiends while ur waiting! Sorry da linkies aren't all fancy but we's too lazy. We have others too, but we'll get to them later.

Be well furiends and hope everyone enjoyed the new year's pawties!

The Clan

Edit: here are the other 4 that we been meaning to add:


Lynx217 said...

When we had Intense Debate, it loaded right in, as it was integrated into
the code itself. But ID was very unreliable, and at one point was dead for
all but one week in a nearly 6 month span it seemed, meaning we had to get
on the big computer sometimes just to approve comments! We wouldn't go back
any day but sometimes it just gets frustrating. Luckily Disqus help is
really friendly and helpful and not hard to find (unlike ID), so any time
there's an issue, I usually have it resolved fairly quickly.
I can't wait to get the PDA fully together and wifi either. It too cold to
be sitting at a computer when I could be in bed under covers with a little
bitty PDA!

Abby said...

Everything loaded really quickly for us.
I have noticed that sometimes on some blogs it takes forever to load and even the comment box takes forever too.
Glad you will have your wireless back!

Mariodacat said...

he he - we started doing that, but never finished. The trick is in keeping up with new ones all the time. I'm about ready to take our 2nd page out. If I were smart enough to post the actual widget to the page, it would be great, but I can't figure it out.

d'ArtagnanRumblepurr said...

*sulk* I want some Jazzy new year smoochies.

Brian Frum said...

I know TSB will be delighted when the new PDA gets up and running. Happy New Year gang!

Lynx217 said...

Well you gots to come get them! MOL