Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Hemmingwayscat Requested Post

Good morning/afternoon everyone. First of all, I want to personally thank everyone for their support. Some of you have even donated multiple times! Thank you so much. As soon as we get Hemmingwayscat back on her feet, I will send her all the paypal donation info so that she can directly thank every last one of you - at her request! She wasn't expecting me to do this as it was, but when she told me what was going on, it was all I COULD do. I would've happily sent her all the money she needed if I had any but I don't unfortunately. I'm just finally out of debt thanks to everyone that donated when she set up the fundraisers for Nimbus and a LOT of finagling and purse string pulling on my own part! So this is my way of returning the favor for her and I want to thank every last one of you for helping me make it a success. We will be having another #gigglefest2011 pawty a little later on today (as soon as I post this and do a couple other things) and I'm sure we will next week so keep an eye on our twitter timeline!
As for the drama going on twitter right now, it makes us sad and angry that some certain people have to keep dragging things up time and time again after the rest of the anipal community has agreed to "bury the hatchet" so to speak and move on. The attacks and nasty emails to certain other tweeps (another one of which I was just made aware of) make me VERY angry. A few people are acting so much like middle school kids (at best) that it's ruining everyone else's good time. Please, this has to stop. We need to get back to the anipal community we once were. That's when we're the strongest, the best, and the funnest! (And as a side note, go ahead, email me a nasty letter, all you're gonna do is get yourself unfollowed and blocked. I do have a case of selective hearing MOL!) Let's get back focused on the parties and the friendship we all came to twitter for instead of driving people OFF of twitter!
Anyways, back to the reason for this post!!!!
Hemmingwayscat wanted me to share these pictures so everyone can see the little angels that your donations are helping. So, here we go!!!
This is where her and the wee ones are staying right now. The wee ones are so little that they pretty much have no clue what is really going on. That, in my opinion, is a good thing too because they won't be as traumatized by it. Homelessness is NOT cool, especially with kids involved.
 A wee Aurora before everything went downhill.
 Aurora with her big brother Lestat.

New pictures of Aurora!
 Lestat trying to play Simpsons Clue.
Ain't he just a handsome little kid? And he has to be in a shelter because of some cold grown-ups that won't do what's morally right. *grumbles some non blog-appropriate comments*
Derringer (above) and Passion (below) who are having to stay elsewhere because the shelter that took Hemmingwayscat and the wee ones won't take the older children.
She also wants everyone to know that if you want to send Derringer a belated Birthday card or the family a Halloween card, that you may send it to:
Jennifer Gensch
General Delivery
Dubuque, IA 52001

The second donation check should be arriving at the post office any day. Please help me be able to send her more money this week! We got to get her back on her feet and at this point I am losing confidence in the people there that are supposed to be helping her.

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mariodacat said...

Those are darling children.  It's too bad they are having to go thru all this and not have a "normal" (whatever normal is) childhood.   I trust mom is in touch with social services in their local community?   I would think and hope that she is, but if not, tell her to do so quickly.   It's such a sad age we live in where hcildren have to live in a shelter.  Thoughts and prayers go with the family.