Monday, October 3, 2011

Hemmingwayscat update n other stuff

Howdy pals! We've been holding off doing any blogging because we didn't wanna take the focus off of our bff @hemmingwayscat, so first and foremost here's an update: She and the wee ones are in a shelter right now, safe and dry, but those who could've sped this up a lot faster where she lives didn't get involved until last week *grumble* so I'm still hoping beyond hope to get her enough funds to get her and the wee ones out of there very shortly. But another place has to come open first! The older wee ones are hunkering down where they are safe too, though for everyone's safety I won't say where. Just know they're fine! Mama's doing the very best she can for what she's going through - and honestly I have no clue how she's doing it as it is. I'd go insane! Oh wait, I already am... MOL! I already sent her the first $300 of your donations and another $350 will go out tomorrow. So, we are well on our way to helping her out of this! It's totally not fair what she's going through, especially with all she's done for the twitter anipal community, but when life deals you lemons you gotta make lemonade out of it, and she's doing pretty dang good at it! She wants to send a very sincere thank you to everyone for their purrs and support and will do her best to thank every last one of you purrsonally once she's back up and things are back to normal.
Secondly, there's a nasty little spam email going around that LOOKS dead-on a facebook email, but it isn't! Look:
As for the twins, they are doing fine, slowly adjusting to life just the four of us. Curzon is starting to taunt his sisfur more and more, though she may not like it... it's a good sign. And they've been trying to catch the red dot more and more lately. But someone keeps hiding the bedroom tv remote from us and I have my suspicions who it is (missie yes I'm onto you...) but I can't wait to catch him/her in the act! Curzon is still wailing like the lonely cat he is sometimes at night out in the living room all alone, but he usually quiets down fairly soon. The flea situation is improving and Jazzy's neck is healing up very nicely and the fur is growing back quick. There are a few spots in the bedroom that I cannot get to that they are hiding out in, but one thing with fleas, they don't live long and so long as I keep up on the flea medicine, any hatchlings will die either from starvation or biting on da kitties and getting a big taste of Revolution (or will crawl on me to be promptly killed). It's barely been a month and a half and things are going right according to schedule. I might see if I can get another Capstar cheap (vet charges an outrageous amount for each pill) to help expedite things a little more (give it to Jaz and then put her under the bed and let the fleas crawl onto her and then get killed quick MOL) - don't worry I have plenty of Zyrtec to treat any itchies she may get in the short term. They do seem to be losing their taste for wet food but then again, it was Mr. Piggie that made them both inhale theirs - ya can't snack when you've got a pig next to you threatening to eat all of his AND yours!
Speaking of The Boy (we don't speak his name very often around here as just hearing it makes us all sad still), can you all believe we're going on 7 months now? *pout* it still seems so lonely and quiet in here, not that it was noisy when he was here! Just he brought so much energy to everyone here... It's a massive void. But I also know he's in very good company at the bridge at the family mansion where he has SURELY taken over the estate. Just isn't right... We also know that our BFF Hollie and her wee one Monkey have been spending a lot of time there, and the wind has told us that Nimmy may have himself a little lady's interest!! Then again, anyone with any brains coulda seen that the way a particular little lady picked him up last time she came around! *giggle* We just hope she knows what she getting into with that big boy!
So that is it for now... that we can think of. Please, even if it's just a dollar, please help us help @hemmingwayscat, and thank you to everyone who has already!


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mariodacat said...

Thank you for what you are going for this poor family.   So many are in a though spot these days.  It's so sad.