Friday, June 29, 2012

Hot and muggy

I've spent my whole life until now in the heat. The midwest bakes like no business as we're seeing now. I remember summers growing up in KS almost as hot as it is now if not just as hot. I remember one summer in particular where I was seriously beginning to wonder if the 100s were going to stick for the entire summer. In addition, I spent two summers in the AZ desert, so I have felt truly hot and hellish (hot and humid) summers too. Today here is not going to be fun. It was already going to be warm; weatherbug is forecasting 95 (and they're usually more accurate than the weather channel or anyone local). But now its just finishing up storming outside, so its going to be muggy too! Add the humidity into the mix, and it won't be fun! But just MAYBE this temporary rain-cooling of the air will mean it won't get as warm? I'm not holding my breath.
I will post more curry pictures later today hopefully though I make no promises. I have a very busy day off ahead of me.


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BrianFrum said...

Gonna be 104ish around these parts today! Yuck!