Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Curzon update

The day after his second bath Curzon got a deep inspection. I had missed a few tiny mats but nothing big or bad at all. All were at the ends of his furs so they were very easy to remove without any more bald patches. I was amazed at how well he tolerated the combing for the most part. A day or two ago he got a powder bath because while he was clean his fur was still lumping together a wee bit, not smooth flowing like it should be. Now granted, the twins have always had lumpier rougher coats than the boy did; I've never seen such a smooth flowing coat in my life or in pictures. Maybe I'm subconciously holding Curzon that high but I just want him to look good. He took everything in stride although he managed to dump all the powder off of his left side before I could work it in haha. He looks fantastic and has been treating me like I barely exist since! I had to bribe him with treats and wet food to get him out today as it is. But that's ok, he IS a bit older and in need of his sleepies. I just hate not being able to see he's ok! Yes yes I know fussy cat mama. But he is my baby, more so than Nim even was if you can believe it. I remember when Curry was so tiny he would sit on my shoulder and watch me cook and he was too tiny to even shed. Hehe oh the stories I could tell... but I won't... YET!
We are all happily readjusting to the normal PA heat, though I must say what these people call hot as hell is just typical if not slightly cooler than typical summer to me. But as anyone from the midwest can tell you, 86 isn't hot for July by any stretch of the imagination. That being said, it doesn't mean I LIKE it feeling like its 100 outside either! I'm just used to it. Give me a gatorade on ice, shorts, my glasses (which are transitions) and a hat and I will be alright. I more worry about all the people and animals that aren't used to it. That's why Curzon has been out all of 10 minutes the last month or so total! Not that he cares too much. Sisfur does miss BirdTV though.
And the nip plant... not doing so good. Any tips to save the few remaining seedlings?



BrianFrum said...

The best part is the bath is still over!!!

Florida Furkids &Angel Sniffie said...

Baths make you look good, but they're best when they are OVER!

The Florida Furkids and Lexi