Sunday, July 8, 2012


TSB did it again! She put me in water! But it needed to be done I guess...
See after she bathed me Tuesday and I dried off she noticed what was once oily hind quarters fur was matted. Today was the first chance she had to work on it. She bathes the affected region with Dawn (to safely break down the excess oils) vigorously and rinses well (to loosen excess fur). Then she meticulously combs thru my furs little by little as I allow her and snips out the mats as far from my skin as she can work them, sometimes cutting thru the mat and working the rest out. It is very dangerous for kitteh and hoomin as any number of things can go wrong, but TSB and I are both pros at it. I understand she has a potential for injurious weapon in her hand (though she uses a rounded point scissor) and she understands I will swipe at her now and then when she pulls too hard or messes in the wrong spot too long. At least this time most of the damage was confined to one side! At least I can hide it!
Yes I have a very special bond with my hoomin, as my nephew did with his. (Yes, we staked out our claims years ago lol.) TSB gets away with as much with me as Mr. Cat did with Nimbus. Part of it is that we ALL have learned that they won't really give us a choice but will reward us if we are patient and don't draw blood.
Jadzia is lucky. She never has to go through this. She will get the occasional mat in her mane or in her pantaloons but its not that common and its never widespread.
(Pst brofur its because I let her brush me real good and vigorously, unlike your fussy rear. MOL)
Remember how TSB made the pillow of Boo fur that shed just recently found? Well that was all shedded fur but TSB has decided that, once dried, my mats should do fine for another pillow, exclusively MY furs though. Please remind her not to use pink yarn though! Poor Boo... fur trapped in such a girly color!

King Curzon

Ps and yes TSB knows she could just have all my furs trimmed seasonally but won't do it because she loves my furs! Hehehe she a good hoomin sometimes!

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BrianFrum said...

Oh my goodness, you really let her do that?!?!