Friday, July 20, 2012

Oops I'm doing it again!

As you all well know last week our bestest twitter furiend Chloe spent a lot of time in vet jail as the vet fought to save her little life... and she was successful! And with the good progress report, we are confident that the time has come.
When Nimbus was fighting for his life, his treatments and final expenses for that final 3 weeks was approximately $2000. Now imagine going through a lot of the same things but also being locked up for days! Imagine the costs her hoomins are going thru! We cannot sit by idly and not help one that helped us so much. So, at the risk of making the humom cry, we are setting up a chipin to help her pay for Chloe's medical expenses. To save the hassle, I will get the address from Chloe's humom and mail the proceeds directly to Chloe's vet with a card thanking her and the other vets for all the work they did in saving such a bootiful little girl's life! We will also set up a pawty next week sometimes once OUR humom knows when she'll be available.
We know times are tough - trust us, we know. But every dollar helps. We all know how quickly the bills start adding up when you start talking about extended confinement, fluid taps, several prescriptions, and all that!

Curzon and Jadzia

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The Florida Furkids and Lexi said...

We're glad Chloe is doing so well! 

The Florida Furkids and Lexi