Friday, July 20, 2012

The History of Cell Hell

Mid 2000's: First cell: a prepaid tmobile for my first trip back home for my cousin's wedding so I could keep in contact with Mr. Cat since I was - and am - so terrified of flying. I ended up just all but abandoning it about a year later because I'd just bought minutes and woke up one morning and they were all gone and they WOULDN'T tell me where they went to or refund them. So I said screw it.
Late 2000's: Got a net10 prepaid phone. Wasn't bad but thanks to @shadowwhiskee's humom and @chloetoby's humom and the fact that I had to share 300 minutes between talking and texting I was running out of money fast!
March 2011: MetroPCS prepaid phone. My first with a full mini keyboard, handy for texting. Got it right after Nim's emergency because I knew I'd need to have some way to contact people considering his grave condition. Also first phone with a camera, crappy as it was. Last pictures of Nim taken with that cell.
August 2011: Gave up with the crappy cell reception and switched to Virgin Mobile, got restore. Basic phone with slide-out keyboard. Was nice until it decided not to want to take pictures anymore.
November 2011: Swapped for Intercept. First Android. Was nice until the battery just decided to die and then other things just started to go wrong. Ended up losing all connection. Called tech support and they were no help, last time they finally contacted me I was in Best Buy swapping LOL.
Jan 2012: The day after my birthday I swapped out Intercepts. It worked for a little while.
March 2012: Got fed up with the Intercept crashing and crap and upgraded (after saving some $) to the LG Optimus slider. Was immediately impressed with how well it worked out of the box and how much more memory it had.
The rest is history, which everyone knows. This slider is about to hit 4 months old... and except for a case of not wanting to come out of sleep mode (easily fixable) and the camera button not working (not that big of a deal, camera still works fine), it's doing just fine! Can you believe it! MOL

A side note: stay tuned, I've got something in the works and everyone is going to want to take part!

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