Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas from the Bridge

This Christmas we all went our separate ways of sorts. We decided we still wanted to spend the holiday with our families so we sprinkled some pixie dust and off we went. Of course for some of us that meant tight quarters as that meant 5 of us in tsb's apartment (Mr. Cat's Angels Astro Obnoxio and Angel tsb's Angel Snowflake and me) and then some others showed up for Mr. Cat including this huge lab called Louie and this wee cat that never left his side and all these other cats that we guess loved Mr. Cat through the ages! I had no idea, but it all makes sense. He seemed to have the kindest heart... but he was obviously biased towards the ladycats! After everyone else left, I laid on my spot on the back of the couch and snoopervised like I used to until tsb got home. Its not that I didn't want to hang around but I just felt that Snowflake should have some time with his hoomin since she still misses him so all these years later.
After we all got back to the mansion, we all went to go see @frugaldougal and see how he was adjusting to being over here. Him and @petiethecat were hanging out and LOTS of other anipals were stopping by too, so we went off to see Fin and then my dear Jack. We also stopped by our bff Brian's brofur Ivan's mansion to introduce ourselves as we didn't really get much of a proper introduction at my welcoming banquet. And Ivan had a furry special surprise for me... He introduced me to my kitty grandma! See when mama and uncle curry were rescued their mama was trying to fend for three kittens and was about to lose them. She said she was so sad when one and then another of her babies vanished but she smelled hoomin near where she had left them. She said when she got here there's a special place where stray and feral kitties go to adjust and if they want they can see what became of their kittens. I was so thankful for Ivan doing this for me because I know how sad tsb was at times that she couldn't rescue the whole family. But now I can whisper even more love in her ears. ;-)
So off we all go, me and Sniffie are going on a furry quiet and secluded date tonight... so I gots to get ready!

And psssst Brian Ivan says he misses ya and esp the hoomins but he is so furry proud of you for being such an able gentle mancat in such an estrogen-filled house! He wants you to give your mama and daddy an little extra snuggle for him.

And pst too to my soon to be inlaws. Don't worry Tamir is in good paws while we're gone. He's got a special date of his own... Sniffie gave him a ginormous nip toy for him to get lost in... and trust me he's having a blast!


Brian106sc said...

That was so beautiful, I do believe my whiskers got a wee weepy wet!  Love ya Ivan and I miss my pals.

Sweet Purrfections said...

We hope you were able to visit Sweet Praline and Beignet this Christmas.

Lynx217 said...

we actually hung out christmas eve at the park where we watched a game of woofie football!