Friday, December 21, 2012


We are thankful its the weekend
We are thankful for twitter, especially in the beginning because it introduced us to wonderful anipals that thru the goodness of their own hearts helped us and continue to help in their own special ways. Without twitter we would've never met @chloetoby, @holliecatrocks, @shadowwhiskee, @wildboutbirds, @hemmingwayscat @danapixie and all the others that were there for us. But this is especially true for @hemmingwayscat who introduced us to @wildboutbirds without us even knowing what that would open up MOL.
We are thankful for the cat blogosphere especially ML, rumbles and brian.
We are thankful for every last one of you who are so loyal as to hang around even when we disappear for long periods of time.
We are thankful for a phone that works so we aren't gone quite as much.
We are thankful for anipals that strive so hard to go to such extreme lengths for us furry ones.
We purr for our friend @nascarkitty who has to split his furbabies up because we know how much it must hurt. But we are thankful for everyone pulling together to help him out.
So let's all channel our love and purr for a holiday miracle... let's get his babies rehomed. If you're in the north central US and can help, please get in contact with us and we'll get you the information!



Sparkle said...

I will be sharing about these two kitties on Saturday - I am just getting around to reading blogs now and it's late here. I want to make sure my Tweets and Facebook posts reach some eyeballs near where they are.

Quinn and Mommy Carol said...

My mommy and I have heard about the two cats who need to be re-homed. Home is very important! Since I have had one only a little over a month, I should know! We will add these two to our special need-a-home part of our prayers.

Brian106sc said...

We are sure thanful to have you as our friends!