Saturday, February 16, 2013

Adjusting to Kindle

I'm adjusting well to my kindle fire hd. I've found a lot of my fave apps on my cell for the kindle. The hardest part is the ones that are on google play but not on amazon's app store. Some are easily side loaded, but others are not - especially googles own apps. Blogger and gmail are impossible. But there are a couple issues. They forgot to install the camera app so you have to download one. If you have an older pc like me, the cloud is essential. But google drive isn't even visible to be able to side load. Luckily es file explorer has the ability so using amazon's cloud for pics and google's for music, I was able to get everything loaded. But all in all I'm extremely glad I settled on this one. The speakers are incredible. The picture is phenomenal. Watching star trek on netflix is even more awesome. Now if you will excuse me.... some ladycat is in such deep sleep she's about to fall off the couch!


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