Friday, February 15, 2013

Ms Fix It

Mommy's at it again. She's fixing things.
Once a while she'll get down on the floor and tighten up the big table's bolts so it doesn't come down on us. Sometimes she does the chairs too.
Today it was the sweater she was wearing. Yes she has a sewing machine, but she says its not the kind of sweater it could fix. Something about weave... we don't get it. But within a half hour not only did she fix the two spots she knew about but found and fixed a third! Mommy says the worst - and best - part is fixing it so well you can't see the difference. She lost track of what she'd done on that third spot that she wanted to go back over. Haha you shoulda heard her little grumbling! Mol so she says at least next time she will know and can fix it again and attach the two fixes.
She says she has lots more to fix but she has to get said just fixed sweater back on! Mol she gets cold so easily. Silly hoomin. We both of course snoopervised, though she misses the boy's up-close and VERY purrsonal snoopervision and inspection. He rarely went after the strings but he always purred and kept her warm no matter what she was doing.

(Note from tsb: nim's claim to fame was trying to eat the knitting needles or the end of my latch hook. Can't call him naughty for that. He was just half rodent!)

The pic shows his gnaw-iness. That's the wooden handle of the flea comb. No he didn't make all the marks, but he surely left his mark on it. The comb is ancient. Daddy has had it since ancient times!


Sparkle said...

Your human sounds a lot more capable than mine - when she tries to "fix" something, everybody cringes!

d'ArtagnanRumblepurr said...

You gotta keep them combs in line!