Wednesday, March 6, 2013

An award!

We've not been the best of bloggers, so you can imagine our surprise when we got an award! How sweet eh? Of course we linkied - after mama figured out how to on her phone.
We has some ideas, but being trekkies, we have purrfect one! Remember Data from TNG or Odo from DS9? Why can't we have a pair to go make the money so our hoomins can stay home wif us? Or at least have a Data to run all of mommy's errands.
Of course we'd also like our hoomins to not having to get up before the sun... but we been told that the probability of that happening during the week is about as likely as mommy hitting the lottery.
We would also love to have the ability to have a genie to give us our 3 wishes. But mama says that that's just a hollywood fantasy.
So here's our grand idea... for hydrogen to replace gasoline as our primary vehicle fuel. Why you ask? Well we has lots of people in drought and the one waste product of hydrogen fuel tanks is water! Win win! Cleaner air, more water, less dependence on unfriendly foreigners that supply oil... maybe with oil interests out of the picture politicians would actually get some work done? We know its expensive NOW. But if the people and the government got behind it prices would drop. And the extra water would mean healthier crops which means healthier hoomins and livestock. And that means more stinky goodness! SCORE!!!!!! Yes it all comes down to the noms... speaking of which... MAMA OUR BOWL IS EMPTY!

Queen Jadzia


Nerissa's Life said...

My gosh...  you posted this, faster than the speed of light!  Did you travel in time?  It was fast enough that if you said you did, I'd believe you for sure.  And your idea is...  ABSOLUTELY BLOOMING BRILLLIANT!!!  purrs

Brian Frum said...

See, you are brilliant! Congrats!!!

Sparkle said...

Concatulations on your award!