Monday, March 4, 2013

Post wedding

So you ask what we've been doing since the wedding? Well after the wedding we rushed back to the mansion to check on the new arrival. Morley was an older mancat that just left his family the day before the wedding. So his welcoming banquet was right after. Him and my brofur Angel Astro are getting along well so he's taken the lead on this one. Angel Snowflake took over gate watch during the festivities. Angel Jack and Mittens got my sportscar ready for a wee surprise for me while Princess Sniffie and I went to our reception. After that, we went out into the woods to a very secluded spot and sent special purrs down to our families, especially her Auntie El. Then i took her for a car ride as we discussed when and where we are going to go on our honeymoon. We didn't decide on anything yet but we did have a blast. We got back home and we all piled into a massive cuddlepile. Tamir wasn't so sure that things weren't about to change on him so we had to snuggle those worries out of him quickly. He really loves his sisfur and i totally understand and don't want that to change. Sniffie cooked breakfast the next morning even though i didn't wake up in time... i spent the night dreaming of all the wrasslin' matches me and Homey had. That's why he got tossed at the reception. Homey is a very special little bear... i stole him from daddy when i was a wee lad. Sorry mama i know u meant him to be daddy's bu  i couldn't resist! I don't think that they ever minded, i seem to remember lots of laughter. I took Sniffie to this magical place up here where you can see what kittenhood was like for you and your family. After a lifetime of hearing about the twins' kittenhood i had to see for myself and i had to take Sniffie with. I had a feeling I'd be unable to get us home and i was right. I'm STILL dying laughing... and then she wanted to see what mine was like so i had even more laughs at the twins' expense! It was so worth it though.
Anyways we are off for now... More purring to be done! We are trying Auntie El!

Love Always,
Prince Nimbus and Princess Sniffie

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