Sunday, March 17, 2013

Another anniversary

Today marks two years. About this time I had come home from work knowing my baby was sick but thinking he was about to turn the corner. Well he turned a corner, just the WRONG one. I came home to find him laying on the bathroom mat looking totally out of it. It was as if he had already checked out but his body was hanging on. I tried to bring a spark back, offering stinky goodness, tuna, even his beloved forbidden spaghetti sauce. Nothing. And then I went to pick him up and that's when I felt the wetness. He was too weak even to walk the mere feet to the litterbox. That's when I knew. My heart broke in half. After some phone calls, I called or texted Mr. Cat (I can't remember which, its all fuzzy) and told him he needed to come straight home, no stops even for gas. We cried, and started our goodbyes. I wrapped my baby in a pink fleece blanket and we went to the vet. Sadly, the vet that sent him to the bridge was the same one that saved him from the bridge a couple years before. There's no words to describe what that time was like. To see the tranquilizer bring life back to his face only made the finality worse. That first shot just didn't do it, so the vet gave him another shot and left us alone again, just me and my baby. I didn't want him going on a cold hard table so I scooped up his limp body and held him in my arms as he took his last breaths.
I held him for a good long while after that, unable to let go. My whole mission had failed, and for the second time in a decade the hands that saved life lost the same life. Snowflake I knew was a lost cause, there's no cure for FIV and his actual hoomin wasn't concerned with getting him the life-extending medicine he needed and I was financially unable to. But Nim... he was full of potential. He should have been fine! But... should have and reality don't always agree. It was time for him to join all the fursibs he never got to know - Astro, Angel, Obnoxio, Dart (one of Mr. Cat's first cats that we just don't talk about as much), Louie the dog, Snowflake, and his half-sister Shadow. We are thankful that his BFF Inigo and future wife Sniffie were there too to help ease his transition.
We love you my boy... keep on being the Good Kitteh VP! There will never be another soul like you.



Brian106sc said...

I so remember that awful day and we send you lots of hugs and love. We all miss our pal.

The Florida Furkids said...

You know, as hard as today is for you, it's a wonderful party at the Bridge. So many of Nim's friends are there to celebrate his being there to help all the other kitties arrivingl and, of course, he wife Sniffie is there at his side. They're all sending comforting (although silent) purrs down to you today. They all know how you loved your boy and they love him too. One day, we'll all be together again.

The Florida Furkids and Mom Sharon

Sparkle said...

Purrs to you...