Friday, March 15, 2013

Nimbus' first foray into hoomin conversion

Nimbus was still a wee lad, though not so tiny. By Coon standards he was a mere teenager at best. A friend of ours needed a place to crash for the night, so we of course let him crash on the couch. We warned him about the cats, not wanting him to freak out in the middle of the night if one jumped on him.
Nim was ALWAYS super stealthy. He mightve grown to be the biggest, heaviest fluffball, but unless he landed RIGHT next to you there's no way you'd know he was even nearby until he was in your face purring.
But that next morning Nim proved that wasn't even necessarily true. Because lo and behold... our friend woke up to Nim sitting on his chest, face in his face purring so loud that you just couldn't help but fall in love! He didn't feel him there one bit. Now he wasn't the 19lb bohemouth yet. But he was still a good solid 10+lb. That's my boy for ya... if Mr. Cat hadn't already had a cat nicknamed Ninja, that woulda been Nim. We are sure she's the one that got the mansion ready because they're surely two peas in a pod!


Oh btw... I am almost over the icky remnants of all the inflamation from that virus. Dairy is still touch and go but with the help of the probiotics I'm making progress on that. I think it made my already sensitive gut even more sensitive. Sheesh like I needed that.


The Florida Furkids said...

Feel better....these things can take forever to go away.

The Florida Furkids

pee ess - we need to get working on the honeymoon! I hear the kids are having a great time!!

Brian Frum said...

I like the ninja thing, I'm too much of a klutz for that! Glad you are feeling mostly better.