Friday, March 22, 2013

Bad mama!

We know we've been bad bloggers and we're sorry. Mama got home after dark last night and left again when it was even darker! What's up with that? Mama has been giving sisfur too much attention too, doesn't she know it's ME that's the center of the world? Lol
We all had a bad case of the funkies last weekend, mama says probably partly because it was Nim's anniversary. The only thing that hits her harder is his birthday because she remembers it so vividly. She can even tell you what his name was SUPPOSED to be (and the girl option too) until Mr. Cat stepped in and said no more Star Trek kitties! Nimmy was always thankful although the name she picked woulda fit him well too.
There's been lotsa noise around here lately. Mama says they're doing some work on the other end of the building but we don't care! We want sunpuddles and to only hear bird chirps!
Mama also says we need to quit calling her tsb because she's not so skinny anymore. We laughed and then we told her that'd be a cold day... she said back we could pick any one of em! What a meanie!
We've been so sad lately. We've lost so many dear anipals lately and now we're saddened to hear the news about Auntie El. Mama wishes she could take Trooper and keep him at least sorta in the fambly but mama says we don't have room nor the green papers for it. But even she has been so sad, and for El's whole family. We can't imagine how hard it is, especially for hoomins. We are still purring for a miracle tho!

*smoochies to all the ladycats*



Brian106sc said...

Yep, we have had the major sads too.

d'ArtagnanRumblepurr said...

I know what you mean. It's been such a sad time in the blogosphere.