Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sorta Empty Mansion

Well we got our mansion empty, even with ANOTHER new arrival. Eric wants to see his new digs so badly because of where they are, and purrsonally I can't blame him. I'm actually kinda jealous! *giggle* but he's right on the other side of the Nip Field so we'll see him a lot! @femmekatz's fursib moved into his new mansion, and Luna is now settling in with Keiko, as it should be. We still have Inigo here, but Inigo is a permanent resident, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I told Inigo if he wants I'll build him his own wing onto my mansion for when he wants to be alone, but he's totally cool. Sniffie and I had a run-thru in the attic checking for any hiding mousies. We're about to head out to take a float down the stream to go see Angel Praline and Jack for dinner, and then rest up for Eric's banquet tomorrow. We keep making plans for our honeymoon but someone keeps leaving the gates wide open! Trust me, I keep shutting them! But we can't refuse a kitteh from crossing either, because a kitteh that returns is a kitteh suffering, and we can't be having that. Tomorrow Sniffie is going to take me on my first Cloud hop... I'm kinda scared but she SAYS I won't fall through... we will see! Tomorrow night Tamir, Inigo and I are taking Monkey out to the clubs while Sniffie does whatever girlcats do. I promise I won't get thrashed like I did at my anniversary pawty, I PROMISE! MOL

Crown Prince Joseph A Nimbus of Iowa

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Brian Frum said...

The sad just makes me cry today.