Saturday, March 30, 2013

For the sports nerds

Yay wichita state! Mama hates basketball but she is so happy to see her local team make it so far even if it means seeing her other local team go out. Wichita state played ohio state tonight and ohio showed how we fight til the end no matter what but they just couldn't quite do it. But they should be proud, they beat better teams to get to that game too. Now for the real sports talk *giggle* mol.
There is talk around the interwebs perhaps a thaw in the Favre hatred in green bay in time. Um no, in football terms he committed high treason. Yes he got us a ring, but Rodgers did too. He shall never be forgiven for going to the enemy and his bitterness towards Rodgers. He should've just retired and faded out into history and let his legend grow on its own, as it surely would have. But that was ruined when he put on purple. Um, no. Sorry. My jersey shall continue to collect cobwebs on the wall until I get the nerve to risk a jinx on my Packers to burn or otherwise destroy it. Foo on Favre. There are few loyal team players and he was supposed to be one of them. Dude, we know its not the money, its ego. Get over yourself. You're no superhero legend in football. You're not even the greatest cheesehead. Your dearest Rodgers is making sure of that. Its alright... you weren't even the most handsome... there's a new shining star out there ready, taking the reigns of another once-laughed at team and getting them some well-earned respect. His name is Dalton but we just call him the red rifle. Yea, he doesn't have a ring yet like you, but you never had to play pitt and baltimore twice a year every year. So shush, sit down, and prepare for an education in humility! Oh wait, sorry I forgot you don't know how!
We are off to start a new sport: snoreathon! Mol

Da Twins n TSB

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