Saturday, March 30, 2013


What a difference a day makes! Mama is rested and seems happier. I snuggled with her lots last night, even to the point of her holding me for extended periods of time! She even gave us stinky goodness last night, and some temptations this morning! Daddy let mama sleep and sleep, though she didn't sleep longer than normal. But it was so good to have a peaceful, quiet morning where we were all asleep until after the sun awoke! Mama says soon we will be able to sit out on the porch, though sisfur is completely alright with window whiffies. Mama says before she can sit out on the porch with us tho she needs to get more spray to keep the evil bugs off of her. See, I'm not the only one that likes to nom on mama! But my noms don't itch!
Mama says that we can snuggle more later today but she needed to at least make an appearance away from the bed mol. Its been a long winter and soon we hope spring will ACTUALLY arrive. Mama isn't looking forward to what it brings tho: nasty storms. Mama still has peeps she cares deeply for in the midwest and worries a lot through spring. Plus mama has a couple people with medical issues to be concerned with so we can't be having too many issues arising!
In this time of Christian celebration, let us all remember the premier message of ALL religion: LOVE. Let us all love each other regardless of their differences. What we do for our brothers and sisters (and especially animals) is a direct reflection into our own souls. So smell a flower, kiss a baby, feed a stray kitty, and be thankful that we have all we need! We will be tipping our ears to Bastet once mama finds our little statue of the royal feline. All the best to all the hoomins who work so tirelessly for all of us animals. Love truly conquers all.


Brian106sc said...

We hope you have a loving holiday weekend dear friends!

Sweet Purrfections said...

We're so ready for Spring. Bright days and blue skies are ahead.