Thursday, March 14, 2013

Migrating to Yahoo

Don't worry, the blog isn't going and neither is our email. Mama all but abandoned her two yahoo accounts because their spam filter sucks compared to Google. But with Google trashing Reader, we needed SOME way to keep up with everyone on the go, and this seems to be the best way. Now we still haven't figured out how this will work on her phone, but hopefully we will at least be sorta able to keep up! We are using My Yahoo, and adding RSS feeds (your blogs) one by one! It's very tedious but it's the best thing we've found so far. We will go back to try another rss reader on the kindle/phone (it's web based) soon, but we wanted to have plan A set first, instead of waiting to see if preferred plan B comes to fruition. We don't like the way Feedly is set up, but they SUPPOSEDLY are working on a Reader clone. So that is plan C, IF it ever comes to fruition. We have it Yahoo set up with tabs, for those who post regularly, and those who don't, so that it's in more managable chunks and no one gets lost in the chaos HOPEFULLY. That way if a quieter one posts, we should see it still. It's tedious, to the point we've been working on it for a little while now. But we see no other viable option right now. We will help anyone we can, just leave a comment that you need help with your email addy in it and we'll have mama drop ya an email.Or if you have a messenger client of some sort (even facebook), real time would probably be even easier. Hugs to everyone!

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