Thursday, March 14, 2013

Update and another story

So after many hours planted in front of the computer and draining the kindle battery heavily so as to help me out, I finally got all my links onto yahoo EXCEPT ONE. I'm not happy but plan A is a success. My comics are taken care of too but in a roundabout way. Thank cod for the phone!
So its time for another Nimmy story.
It takes place many many years ago when he was just a wee mancat in training. We hoomins are fervent believers in getting the "snippings" done early because we both know what it means if we don't for both mancats and ladycats. Then again, if I had rushed with Jaz there wouldn't have been a Nimmy! Anyhow, it was Nimmy's time and so we made the requisite trip up to the vet clinic in Ohio that always seemed to do me well. For an extra $10 or so they offered an upgrade to laser surgery. Seeing as how miserable and outright furious Curzon had been (and Nimmy's manbits were quickly approaching his uncle's astronomical size mol) I was all for less suffering. So in the wee lad went, and hours later we went to pick him up (it was a case of drop off overnight and pick up next day). Well the wee lad happened to be one of the first vic... err patients so he had a better opportunity to get at least sober enough to come home early. By mid afternoon they told us he was coming out of sedation well enough to go home, albeit still groggy. The tech took me back to go get him out of the kennel and she looked a little sad. The little brat had wormed his way into the tech's heart in that wee amount of time! We picked him up and got him into his carrier as she cooed and and called him "shexy" and I carried the lil guy out. (I was also counting my blessings he wasn't the furious big boy his uncle was OMC mol.)
But it doesn't end there... oh no it can't... and prepare to LAUGH UR BUMS OFF!
We got the lad home and set the carrier on the floor and opened the door. He eventually crawled out still visibly inebriated (trust me he looked drunk lol). He finally waddled over to the water bowl and sniffed it but decided he wasn't thirsty. He went to the food bowl and sniffed it but decided he wasn't hungry. So he waddled over to the litterbox, climbed in, and passed out!
By this time I'm just dying laughing and of course Mr. Cat, who was out of sight and didn't know what was so funny was dying to know what the commotion was. I finally stopped laughing enough to spit out why I was laughing and he started laughing. Nim still hadn't woke up so I lifted his midsection up which woke him up. I helped him out of the cat box, where he slinked off to his safe spot under the bed, most assuredly embarassed!
And to this day we STILL laugh about that.



Brian Frum said...

MOL fur sure and I am sure he was really embarasses, he just probably wasn't sure about what!

The Florida Furkids said...

Poor least his furs didn't get um.....dirty?

The Florida Furkids