Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nimmy Stories Part 1

Our late roomie Billy was never a cat guy. Ne felt kinda overwhelmed with all the cat pics on the fridge so we scaled back. One year I even got a doggie calendar. But being a farm boy we understood why he was a dog guy. But Nimbus was something. He started working on Billy before we were roommates, when he'd come and visit when we lived in Ohio. But it was here where he amped it up. Billy learned to shuffle his feet because Nimbus wouldn't move, not even someone as huge as Billy. Billy secretly dug that stubbornness I think. Nimbus knew the way to a dog guy is to be a little dog like. That's how ya open the door. And then by the time Nimbus got sick the first time, it was evident that he'd squirmed into Billy's heart. When Nim left us, Billy was kinda sad too but didn't show it. He gave me a big hug and I knew he missed the feller too. But what Nim started, mama finished. We all knew that those two had a secret affair... Jaz had to keep up the appearance of skiddishness and Bill had to keep up the appearance of merely tolerating cats. But the Queen demonstrated to Billy one day what makes cats unique and he realized that he was let in on a wee cat secret. He told us of how one day he swore she climbed the walls but it didn't make logical sense to him. Well, yes, that's what cats do. They bounce off the walls almost as if they walked up them. And if you hadn't witnessed it she probably WOULD have walked up it! And then he finally fessed up. When he was home alone she rubbed up on him... and well we all know how hard it is to NOT reach down and pet a creature that so obviously likes ya. Score one for the cats. But that wasn't the first time the cats worked collectively nor was Billy Nimbus' first vict... er convert.


Kevin Hattori said...

Great story!  We always love it when a dog person comes over to the Cat Side (or at least realizes that it's a terrific place to visit). :)

Brian Frum said...

That was a terrific story and I totally understand how that could happen!