Tuesday, March 12, 2013


We have come to the conclusion that Blogger does not like SpeedyK. We can view and comment just fine but it does NOT want to attach photos! Luckily the phone still cooperates!
I just wanted to brag on how well Curzon has ben behaving SO FAR this week in the letting-the-hoomins-sleep department. I'm proud of him - he's got many sweet traits but consistency is NOT one of them.
The boy's two year OTRB anniversary is almost here and its still in many ways just as painful as it was then. I screamed in poor @chloetoby's mama's ear. I still feel bad for it. There was the utter sensation of failure... not that I failed in any way but the most important: I failed to get the boy thru his crisis. But he was a bright shining star everyone on this planet could see and now the whole universe can marvel in his brightness.
There's a couple random stories most of the blogosphere doesn't know about the boy and his pure gentle soul whose very mission on earth was to make every hoomin love cats. To this degree he was wildly successful, if not for all cats, at least towards him. I will share them later this week, so as to not cause too many tears at once on my own end. And there shall be pictures too perhaps. But I leave you today with a familiar sight to me... Curry on his back looking at me either smiling or daring me to tummy scritch him immediately punnishable by immense grabbing and rabbit kicking!


Brian Frum said...

Hugs from all of us. We had that on our mind all month.

Sparkle said...

Purrs to you... it is hard. It took a long time before my human could think of the cat before me without being very sad. And it still happens sometimes.

d'ArtagnanRumblepurr said...

Ohhh the sweet boy.