Monday, March 11, 2013

Stuffed Man-Hamster Facsimile Monday

Hello friends Queen Jadzia here. Today i let mama tell ya a story.

It was long ago, when i was just a young kid. My Mom had the brilliant idea of telling me that if i got good grades she'd let me have a hamster. So i did and so she got me my first hamster. He was a cute little peachy one that lived a long life. A little while after it died we got another one and it was something unique. It was fast even by rodent standards. He ran so fast in his wheel that when he stopped, he didn't just swing up, he flew out! He was special, though he didn't live long. But he earned his name: speedy... after Speedy Gonzalez, the fastest mouse in all of Mexico! Lol
Fast forward to last Saturday. Mr. Cat took me out to breakfast at Cracker Barrel and after we had eaten and paid, we were looking around their little shop. They have things in there you can't buy anywhere else. We stumbled upon a basket full of TY beanie babies. Well EVERYONE by now I'm sure knows i LOVE my beanies. All of a sudden this cute little feller got noticed. He's a "beanie ballz" and he looks quite similar to a hamster (i found out much later according to TY he's a guinea pig... foo he's a hamster to me). Well Mr. Cat took a look at it seeing i was already eyeing it and saw its name and so it was decided he was getting rescued er adopted errr bought. His name?  SPEEDY.
Yes he had to be mine. My fave hamster and now my favorite non-cat TY.
Thanks Mr. Cat!


Sonya Dunbar said...

I trust you still have a certain Koala from Australia

Lynx217 said...

yep and email and messenger too lol